Doel Laptop

The first ever locally produced Bangladeshi laptop - Doel Laptop has introduced in the market to facilitate the computer industry of the country. Laptop computers have changed the mechanism of work in the Computing Era. Wireless transmission possibilities have improved the movability of laptops. Considering this, Bangladesh Govt had a challenge to honor its people with domestically produced cheap laptop & in this consequence Doel laptop introduced in the market.

Telephone Shilpa Sangstha (Tesis) is making 4 models of Laptop computers from starting price of Taka 12,000 to Taka 28,500. The price range varies from seller to seller & from different type of laptop models.

Doel laptop

Tesis is currently producing 10,000 ~ 15,000 laptops per day which is not quite enough for meeting the demand of the whole country but still its a relief for the people who cannot afford to buy high price laptops. They are producing these laptops at their Tongi Gazipur factory & currently selling from the same premises along with Ramna BTCL campus (BTCL one point service centre, 2nd Floor, Ramna).

Doel Laptop Bangladesh

Doel laptop was primarily available to different Govt institutions and schools but soon it will be released for public use. However some computer sellers are buying these from Telephone Shilpa Sangstha & reselling it to the public. Though they are little bit higher price than the original, still helpful for the people who cannot buy it directly from Tesis.

Check the specifications & different types of Doel laptop price.

Laptop Doel

A third generation country like ours is possessing and developing the nurture of producing cheap price Bangladeshi laptop locally to meet the demand of the country who cannot afford to buy branded laptop due to the price. We expect that the Government will continue to keep the effort and concentration of producing quality laptop Doel laptop so that it can serve users with not only the price, but also with the quality.